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Johannesburg Gate Motor Repairs

Gate Motor Repairs Johannesburg: The expected lifespan of a gate motor is between 5 to 10 years and even longer. But this depends on a range of factors like how well the motor was, maintained. How many times it used and how well was it installed. Within that period of time you can expect to replace at least two working parts. Usually the battery or control board. When it comes to Electric Gate Motor Repairs Johannesburg, we’re the best because we’ve been doing this for the past 20 years. Whether you need Swing Gate Motor Repairs Johannesburg or Sliding Gate Motor Repairs Johannesburg. Our certified techs have years of experience. From Centurion Gate Motor Repairs Johannesburg to DACE Gate Motor Repairs Johannesburg. ET Gate Motor Repairs Johannesburg and Gemini Gate Motor Repairs Johannesburg we fix them all.

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We’re always there for you when you need us most. Whether a car has crashed into your gate operator. Or whether you are stuck outside your house after work. Gate Motors Johannesburg are committed to providing world-class service. To all our customers. No matter what time you call us. All repairs we offer covered by a 1-year (12-month) Workmanship Warranty. This means that if the same thing happens within this period, we will repair or replace the gate free of charge. We guarantee our Gate Automation Repair Johannesburg services.

Sliding Gate Motor Repairs

Gate Motor Repairs JohannesburgSliding Gate Motor Repairs Johannesburg – Do you have any of the following problems with your Sliding Gate such as. Is your gate jamming or not moving at all? Does your gate make noises like squeaking when it moves? Does your gate wobble or move when it is in operation? Do the rollers or wheels on your gate stop moving? Is your goal motor making constant beeping sounds or hitting the stoppers hard? These are all signs that your electric gate motor needs repairs.

Swing Gate Motor Repairs

Gate Motor Repairs JohannesburgSwing Gate Motor Repairs Johannesburg  – Are you experiencing any of the following problems with your swing gate motor? Your motor is not opening or closing the gate at all? The gate motor does not disengage? Swing Motor works but nothing happens? Running Slowly , or only one gate opens? The motor slams into the close or open point? Is the control box beeping? Rusted gates, hinges making noise, or gates touching the ground at any point? These are all signs that your electric gate.

All Makes & Models Of Gate Openers Repaired Here

Johannesburg Gate Motor Repairs, repair all makes and models of automatic gates. From Centurion gate motors like D2, D5 Evo, D5 Smart, D10, Vantage as well as Vert-X gate motors. Gemini gate operators like DC Slider 7 Ah, Gemini 24V DC Slider and DC Swing Gate Motor . ET Gate Motor Repairs like Drive 300, Drive 500, Drive 600. Drive 1000, ET Toona High Speed and Wingo Hi-Speed Gate Motor. HANSA Gate Motor Repairs and DACE Gate Motor Repairs like Sprint, Condo and Dura Swing Gate Motors to name a few. We have special agreements and contracts with the manufacturers. So that you can enjoy the low prices. You may also like to visit our Gate Motors Johannesburg introduction page. Gate Motor Installations Johannesburg and Gate Motor Maintenance Miodrand.

FAQ Gate Motor Repairs Johannesburg

How do you know if your gate motor needs repair?

Whether you are going for gate motor repair Johannesburg or any other gate motor repair, there are some factors to be considered. Firstly, you need to find out what age is the gate motor. If the motor is quite old and has been used for years, then you will have to change it. As motor installation and repair is a specialized job, you should call a service provider. It is better to call a professional for gate motor repair than try to do it by yourself. While attempting to fix a gate motor, you can end up damaging other parts of the gate opening system and make the situation worse.

What is the best way to get a Gate Motor repaired?

Hiring Gate Motor Repair expert is the best way to get your motor repaired at best price in the marketplace today. At Gate Motor Repairs Johannesburg, we’ve been the best at repairing and installing gate motors in South Africa for more than 10 years, with hundreds of installations done to date. We are happy to come to you and repair your motor for free and you can get a free quotation for the repair by leaving us a calling.

How can one tell if a gate motor is out of order?

The easiest and the most effective way to find out the status of the gate motor is to carry out a visual inspection. This would involve checking if the motor is generating any noise, if the cover is sufficiently lubricated and if the motor is pulling the gate properly. A simple visual inspection will allow you to tell if the motor is working. However, if you require further proof, then you need to test the motor by running it for a couple of hours. Then you can check for motor noises, anything that might indicate that it has overheat, and the number of times it has been used.

Why should you not wait until your gate motor breaks down to replace it?

It is better to replace your gate motor before it breaks down. Waiting until the motor breaks down means that you will be left with an emergency situation requiring immediate attention. Our gate motor breakdowns happen unexpectedly and our customers do not wish to waste time. We recommend that our customers replace their gate motors on a regular basis so that they do not have motor breakdowns in the future.

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Gate Motors South Africa stands behind the brands we supply as well as the services we provide. For this reason all parts and products we supply carry a manufacturer warranty. For a period specified by the manufacturer. All services provided by us carry a 1-year (12-Month) workmanship warranty. What this means for you is should anything go wrong within that period of time. We will repair or replace it at no charge to you, T’s and C’s APPLY. Arfe you an existing client of ours? Have you bought from us? Did you keep your invoice number? To get a copy of your warranty, please complete the foem below.

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